February 6th-10th

(Speaker Information + Resources)

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Hey, hey, my fellow crafty friend! I’m so excited to team up with you to pull off something that’s going to be absolutely incredible and completely one-of-a-kind! 

What is the Cricut Craftfest?

The Cricut Craftfest is a 5-day event that will help Cricut users craft their way to confidence with 45+ inspiring Cricut projects for all skill levels! On this page, you’ll find all kinds of resources meant to make your life as a speaker as easy as possible and answer any questions you might have. 

If you run into a question I didn’t answer, email me at abbi@abbikirstencollections, and my Executive Assistant, Susan, or I will get back to you ASAP! You can also ask me any questions over at the Cricut Craftfest Speaker's Lounge, where I check in regularly to make sure you have everything you need for success!

Below is all the info and a list of benefits you will receive for participating in the Cricut Craftfest!


Before we dive in, please take a look at our results from February 2022 and October 2022 events! And here are a few testimonials from our speakers!


Total attendees registered for both 2022 events: 66,000+ attendees registered. 11,000+ passes sold. 

Affiliate Revenue

Our average affiliate made over $3000, with our highest affiliate earning over $13,000!


The Craftfest is exposed to Abbi's community of 255,000+ email subscribers in addition to each speaker's community!



Let’s do a quick rundown of how the whole thing will work:

  • The Cricut Craftfest event will run from February 6th-10th, 2023, with up to 8 pre-recorded Cricut craft workshops running each day. 
  • These presentations will include approximately 20-40  minutes of content that show our viewers how to successfully set up a craft in Cricut Design Space and make the craft all the way through. 
  • Each project should have an original template for our crafters to use. If you are unable to provide an original template design, Abbi's team can assist you!
  • You will receive a date and time that your workshop will go live for free for 24 hours during the week of February 6th-10th.  
  • We will provide resources and swipe copy to promote the Cricut Craftfest and make affiliate sales easy!

Along with the presentations, there will be a Facebook group for attendees to hang out in, show off their projects, and ask all of us additional questions. If attendees have questions on the day of your workshop, you can easily answer them all in one place - the FB community! 

Benefits of Speaking at the Cricut Craftfest

Grow Your Audience And Email List

We all know that growing our communities and email lists is key to success! By participating in Cricut Craftfest, you will automatically get traffic from Abbi Kirsten Community, which includes 240,000 email subscribers and over 400,000 followers on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram! The growth doesn't stop there! Since all speakers will support each other by sharing this event, our reach has endless potential!

Easy Affiliate Income

Every speaker affiliate will earn a 50% commission off each Cricut Craftfest VIP Access Pass (formerly known as the All-Access Pass) they sell using their affiliate links from their Samcart Affiliate Dashboard. Plus 30% on order bumps and other Abbi Kirsten products that are tracked with cookies.

Leading up to the summit, we'll have three weeks of promotion. You'll be provided with several email swipe copies, social media swipe copies, and customized social media graphics to make it all easy! 

The VIP Access Pass will include the presentations and templates that our speakers create. Additionally, the Abbi Kirsten Collections team will create transcripts and other bonuses for our VIPs. This will provide immense value to our attendees while making the work of promoting and creating a presentation worthwhile AND easy by allowing you to bring in affiliate commissions. Yay!

Grow Friendships And Network With Fellow Creatives

Crafty entrepreneurs are some of the most fun people to collaborate with! You will meet new friends and open the door for new collaborations to mutually grow your brands! Our last event was a massive success, and many new partnerships have grown out of it.


To make this event successful, our goal is to make it user-friendly for all skill levels - especially beginners! To achieve maximum diversity, we plan to include a range of tutorials featuring all the most common Cricut models (Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker, Maker 3, and the Joy). 

We are looking to include the following project categories:

  1. Papercrafts
  2. Vinyl crafts
  3. Iron-on crafts
  4. Foiling
  5. Leather crafts
  6. Engraving crafts
  7. Infusible ink crafts
  8. Print Then Cut projects
  9. Design Space hacks and tutorials
  10. Cricut Joy-specific crafts
  11. Designing SVG files
  12. Etching glass or metal
  13. Felt & fabric crafts
  14. Wood/chipboard crafts

Here's a look at past Craftfest projects!

Collage of projects 3
Craft projects


So this all sounds great, but what kind of work does it require of you? Let's chat about it! My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible so we can all have a blast while providing great value and growing our businesses.


The first thing I'll need is some very basic information from you to finish up our Registration and Speakers pages.

This information includes things like:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Short bio, so we can introduce you to everyone!
  • Square headshot and your logo
  • Which machine you plan to use (Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker, Maker 3, or Joy)
  • The title of your craft workshop and which holiday you are focusing on with your project

Once you give me the thumbs up that you're in, I'll send you a link within 24-48 hours where you can upload all this information fast and easily!


Next up is your holiday Cricut workshop! This is a 20-40  minute pre-recorded presentation that is meant to be more friendly and casual than perfect and structured. We want our attendees to learn and gain confidence in their Cricut journey while having fun in the process.

Here's the suggested format:

  • A quick introduction of who you are (this can be with you on camera or a voice-over with a headshot and image of the project)
  • An overview of your topic and the supplies you used
  • Design Space setup via screen share (you can use Camtasia, Quicktime, etc., for this) 
  • A step-by-step explanation of making the craft from start to finish (you can film this overhead with a DSRL or use your Smart Phone)
  • Up to a 3-minute pitch for a product or your freebies to collect leads
  • Two square high-resolution images to show off your craft in our promo materials

Here is a full example of one of my speaker pages from the last Craftfest and a video explanation.

Presentations and templates have a hard due date of December 2nd! 


The template needed to create the project you are making in your presentation. This template will be available to anyone who grabs it during the exclusive 24-hour period that your workshop is free (after that, the project template is exclusive to the VIP Access Pass, and attendees you invite will need to pay through your affiliate link to access it - hello, commissions!)

We do not require email sign-ups for the workshop templates for a better attendee experience in that they are not required to sign up to 30+ email lists. We have surveyed our audience and found this to deter viewers, which will decrease views and sales for our speakers. At the last Craftfest, we had an enormously positive response to this from speakers and attendees!


To ensure you will capture leads and grow your list, we will post links to your website and social media on your presentation speaker page, which will capture leads that are genuinely interested in staying on your list rather than signing up just to get a template, then unsubscribing. Check out what this looks like here!
The 3-minute pitch at the end of your presentation is your golden opportunity and can be any of the following:
  1. Another product or course you wish to feature.
  2. A call-to-action to join your email list to get access to your freebies - allowing you to collect warm-leads
  3. A call to action to visit your site or a specific post that will convert to leads. 
Whatever your choose to pitch at the end will be linked directly below your presentation, so our attendees can find you easily! 🙂


To make our event even more valuable, I'll ask each of you to provide one resource that we will include in the Cricut Craftfest VIP Access Pass.  This contribution will help you gain exposure for your products and email list! 

This includes things like:

  • eBooks
  • Workbooks
  • Courses (big or small)
  • 1-month memberships
  • Freebies

It's totally up to you to decide whether you'd like to create something new or provide something you already have. While this isn't required, it's highly encouraged that you participate to boost the VIP Access Pass conversions, which earns you more affiliate income! At the last Craftfest, we had all speakers contribute and it was an incredible success!

Information for your contribution will be provided with the presentation collection form. You can contribute your product by uploading it for me to host OR provide a 100% off coupon code and a link to your product for VIP Pass holders to get it through your site directly. We ask that these product contributions be available for at least 6 months before becoming inaccessible. 


The power of an online summit comes from a group of experts coming together for a single cause. The joint promotion that happens because of that is a huge benefit to everyone involved. Because of that, everyone is encouraged to share on social media and email their lists during the promotion period, starting on January 16th.

You'll want to share using your affiliate link (which you can set up here), so you can get in on the 50% commission that will come from any Cricut Craftfest VIP Access Pass sales. You'll find swipe copy and graphics in the Resource Vault below. And once we have your presentation material, we will also create custom graphics and reels for each speaker!


And last comes participation during the week of the event. Since we'll already have done the work of creating the presentations and extra resources, we'll be able to sit back and relax for the most part!

But the more you put into the event, the more you will receive in return! Past speakers who saw the most return promoted to their email list at least 2-3x during the 3-week total promo/event period, plus posted regularly on social media. 

All speakers will receive a free VIP Access Pass to enjoy!


In the past, many of our speakers contributed a prize to give away during the event. If you are interested in doing a giveaway with a call-to-action to join your email list, social media, etc., we can arrange that for you! This gives your brand even more front-and-center attention during the summit. Giveaway items can be digital or physical prizes. You can see all the past giveaway prizes here in the Attendee Lounge by searching the keyword "giveaway."

If you wish to contribute, info for giveaways will be provided at the time of submitting workshop materials.


While summits are great for overall visibility and making new connections, a little extra income never hurts either, right? That’s exactly why I’ve set up an affiliate program for the Cricut Craftfest VIP Access Pass, where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from the traffic you refer to the event. The first round of payouts will be made by March 3rd, 2023.

Create your affiliate account here via our SamCart processor. 

Each day of the Cricut Craftfest, every speaker's video will air for free for 24 hours. There will be up to 8 speakers per day.

Except for the free 24-hour period, the videos are exclusive to the Holiday Cricut Craftfest VIP Access Pass, which is how you will earn your affiliate revenue! For best results, we recommend promoting your workshop and the Cricut Craftfest the two weeks leading up to the event and during the event.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • 50% for all speakers on the VIP Access Pass
  • 30% commissions on any order bumps (product upsells).

The pricing structure will be:

  • $39 (20-minute tripwire)
  • $47 for early bird sign-ups, January 16th-February 5th
  • $59 during the event, February 6th-11th
  • $97 post-event price (you can continue to promote and earn using your affiliate link indefinitely!)

The Resource Vault includes things like email swipe copy, social media copy, and social share graphics to make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income. However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and even run your own Facebook ads or boost a post! Just remember to use your affiliate link, which you can create or look up here once you create an affiliate account.

As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.


Now for those resources, I promised to make your life as easy as possible!

As we get closer to the event and collect your material, this folder will have everything you need to promote this event easily!

  • Summit branding information (in case you'd like to show off that you've been featured at the Cricut Craftfest)
  • To-do list with due dates so you can keep track of everything nice and easy
  • Email swipe copy and suggested send dates
  • Social media swipe copy and suggestion posting dates
  • Social media graphics and Canva templates - ready to be used as-is or customized further!


Phew, that was a lot to cover! You’re awesome for making it this far! 🙂

For the sake of clarity, here are your current action steps:

  • Let me know you’re in by replying to the email with a yes, or no 
  • Join the Cricut Craftfest Speaker's Lounge
  • Provide your basic information once the link comes through. This will be sent within 48 hours of receiving a yes from you!
  • Sign up for your affiliate account
  • Take note that presentation material will have a hard due date of December 2nd, so we have time to get everything done before the event starts after the holidays.
  • Let me know if you have any questions up to this point!

Remember to grab your to-do list and project checklist here, then get things added to your schedule. Because if you’re like me, if it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t exist!


Here’s a roundup of our key dates:

  • Basic information: Due by November 9th (you will get a link to easily upload your details within 24-48 hours of giving us a yes that you are in!)
  • Sign up for your affiliate dashboard through Samcart: As soon as possible
  • Workshop presentation due December 2nd
  • Promotion period: January 16th-February 10th
  • Summit dates: February 6th-10th 
  • Affiliate payouts: First round of affiliate payouts by March 3rd, 2023. Ongoing payouts every 30 days thereafter. 

Did I miss something? Email me at or pop into the Cricut Craftfest Speaker's Lounge! My team and I are here to help you and make this a successful summit for all of us!